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Don't forget these 5 things in your Sweepstakes Promotion Plan

I do a lot of calls with clients about running sweepstakes and contests. Whenever I talk to new clients there are a few...

Sweepstakes Ideas, Our List of the Best Performing Strategies for Your Brand

Sweepstakes and contests are a tried and true marketing tactic. With so much history out there sometimes you can get in a...

How Optimize Sweepstakes Landing Pages To Maximize Conversions

Imagine you have this great idea for a promotion for your brand. You're going to create this great sweepstakes and give...

Marketing Promotion: 5 Ways to Look Smart In Front of Your Client

Finding a new and creative idea for client’s campaign can be tough. Trying to sell in a sweepstakes as a new and innovative...

Cost Effective Ways to Develop Brand Awareness

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is the extent to which your brand and its products are correctly identified by...

Sweepstakes Landing Pages to Generate Inbound Traffic

Sweepstakes are a tried and true method to generate brand awareness. Using sweepstakes intelligently and designing a great...

Background Check for Your Sweepstakes Prize Winner

When administering sweepstakes, we often have discussions around the need for background checks on the winners, and the...

Sweepstakes Marketing:  The Laws Around Sweepstakes and Contests

When executing a promotion for your brand you'll want to be familiar with some of the basic laws in order to assure program...

Why You Need an AMOE for Your Sweepstakes

In my last post, I talked about promotional law and how to avoid an illegal lottery. I briefly touched on why you need an...


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