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Posted by Michael Olsen on Mar 8, 2017 11:03:00 AM
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Before anyone flirts with an email, they look at the subject line, sender, and preview text. 

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First up, subject line best practices. It has a huge effect on your conversion rate, so be mindful of: 

  • Keeping it short and straightforward 
  • Front-load key words that relate to your audience 
  • Avoid salesy language 
  • Personalize when appropriate 

Sender Address: 

  • Use a company address, not a freebee webmail account  
  • Don’t send emails from no-reply accounts. Emails are conversation starters not conversation enders. No-Reply emails are so 2016. 
  • Use an address that relates to the email’s purpose. Newsletter@, CustomerService@ Billings@ 

Preview Text is the last important element of optimizing your email campaign. Like a page’s meta description, the preview text is there for the reader, and provides a quick blurb about your email. 

Tease the reader into wanting to read more, or maybe use it as an extension of your subject line, make it a call-to-action, or include an emoji! There are a lot of interesting things you can do here, but make use of the real estate! 

Ignite Action 

Reality Check: as I mentioned, you might have awesome content, but if you don’t package it properly, it’s getting tossed into junk. Great content can be poorly written, sad I know! 

Write with clarity and purpose (one goal, remember?)  

  1. Write for scannability – because we’re all skimmers 
  2. Use the right tone – it all comes back to knowing your target audience. How do they talk and what do they like? Is it a posh invitation to an intimate soiree or a B2B technical compliance report?
  3. Personalize when appropriate [YOUR NAME]! Unlike social marketing, email gives you the ability to connect directly with someone, kind of how you’d write directly on someone’s Facebook wall or Twitter handle, but in mass scale. Leveraging the personalization capabilities of email increases CTR by 14% and conversion by 10%. 

Your goal is to create 1-on-1 conversations by using the reader’s name, location, interests, and behaviors. 

Finals Tips & Tricks: 

  1. Proofread. 
  2. Proofread again.
  3. Go stretch, eat something, workout, come back, and proofread a last time. 

Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors happen to the best of us. A spelling mistake can be the difference between the success and failure of your email campaign, not to mention take major credibility away from your brand. 

  • Test. Send yourself a test to make sure everything looks right. Click on everything. Check mobile and desktop views. Check the plain-text version to make sure your email still makes sense without pictures (pictures won’t always come through due to inbox or company policy settings). 
  • Make sure your CTA (call to action) is painfully obvious on mobile and desktop views. 

One CTA per email is an email marketing best practice (unless it’s a newsletter). While your email should only have one CTA, that doesn’t mean you can’t subtly include other value-adds like linking text with your other services, products and blog articles, or hyperlinking images to relevant landing pages. 

Final Facts: 

  • The more images in your email, the less clicks you’ll get 
  • B2C emails – people want to see features, colors, textures and more. Images let people see the product 
  • B2B emails – Use 1-0 images as to not distract people from converting 
  • The more links within your email, the less clicks you get

Til next time, keep on marketing!

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