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Posted by Brian Opyd on Aug 23, 2017 10:45:00 AM
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If you’re starting a new content marketing campaign the first thing you always want to do is understand the marketplace you’re targeting. With tons of data available on the internet where do you start?  I like to look at the data from the social channels I’ll be using for my upcoming campaign. By analyzing the social channels I’ll use, I can quickly get a sense of the current discussion.

Let's dig into some recent data I collected as I was preparing for a campaign targeted at the manufacturing segment.

Analyzing Manufacturing Data from Twitter

A few months back I wrote an article about a macro excel template that can help you quickly comb through several thousand tweets to look for trends. You can read about my twitter analysis tool here.

For this project, I collected 6,000 tweets containing the hashtag #Manufacturing. The goal was to find common themes that I may want to build on to increase the effectiveness of my campaign.

Running through the data I looked for trends in common hashtags that appeared with #Manufacturing.  What I found at first was disappointing, but not surprising.

The first list was developed based on the number of repetitions of each hashtag in the 6,000 collected tweets. Eight of the top ten most common hashtags with #Manufacturing where related to careers or jobs.

Here is a graph of my first set of results.

Manufacturing Hashtags With Jobs and Careers Included

While this was interesting, my client didn’t care about jobs. It isn’t part of the target.  From there I had to apply a little brain power to find more relevant themes.

Looking for Other Industrial Marketing Trends

People are good at spotting patterns in data. While I quickly identified the jobs pattern, I wanted to know what would happen if you removed "job" and related hashtags from the data.  I sorted the hashtags from most frequent to the least frequent and then removed all hashtags related to jobs or careers. The second set of hashtags was more revealing.

Given the current political discourse in the U.S. I would have expected manufacturing tweets to have revolved around manufacturing job discussions.  What I found surprised me. Four of the top ten hashtags now included some reference to the U.K.

Manufacturing Hashtags Useful for Digital Marketing and Content Marketing

Next Steps for Your Data Analysis

Looking at the revised list of hashtags, I found a few trends that may be relevant to the manufacturing marketing efforts in the U.S. and my client's campaign.

As part of my analysis I investigated a few terms I was not familiar with. Those  hashtags included #FlockBN and #IoE.  These were quickly thrown out as they appeared to be branded hashtags and used by only a few Twitter accounts. 

Ignoring the U.K. hashtags as well as the branded hashtags, I settled on these three trends:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Engineering
  • China

From these I’ve got three topic areas for future manufacturing lead generation content marketing campaigns.  By weaving IoT, Engineering, and China into my content in the future, I hope to build a great marketing campaign for my client. So, there you have it.  A quick and easy way to generate a set of data-driven ideas to keep your marketing going. 

Until Next time keep on marketing!

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