Is Black Friday Slowly Going Away?

Posted by Brent Gross on Nov 21, 2017 7:55:24 AM
Brent Gross

As we gear up for the Holiday Season, an interesting question has been circulating the office -- Does anyone go Black Friday shopping anymore?

Black Friday Consumer Shopping Trends

According to some recent research, there are still plenty of people that go Black Friday shopping. However, a steady decline has existed over the past three years. In fact, since 2014, spending volume on Black Friday has slowly been on a decline. In 2016 the number of consumers who shopped during Thanksgiving weekend dropped 32%, to 154 million, according to the National Retail Federation.


As Black Friday continues to morph into Cyber Weekend, Amazon is positioned to be the big winner, more than 80% of shoppers in a recent Market Track survey say they plan to shop Amazon this holiday season. However, Wal-Mart leads as the in-store choice, Market Track’s respondents cited Wal-Mart as their top destination. Wal-Mart has invested huge sums in delivery and pickup capabilities along with price discounts, to compete for online shoppers.

Even with Americans’ social media obsession, just 5% plan to look for sales and deals on social media sites, and just 21% plan to make purchases directly from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

What will you be doing this Thanksgiving weekend? Going out to the stores, sitting and surfing the net, or just enjoying time with your family and save the shopping till later?

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