How Nurture Campaigns Can Quickly Result in New Business

Posted by Michael Olsen on Apr 12, 2017 1:00:00 PM
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There's been plenty written about the effectiveness of email. Does it really drive sales? Is it an archaic way to communicate with customers? Does it help or harm the customer relationship?

It's been proven time and time again, that by providing helpful, relevant content, even beyond what you sell directly, brands can develop a credible and desirable reputation in the industry relatively quickly.


Email marketing allows you to continue the 1-1 conversation with leads that aren’t quite ready to buy yet. Email is one of the most valuable channels to communicate with your leads because of its personalization capabilities, automation, and mass scale of execution. Customers aren’t looking to be sold with every email. 73% of all B2B leads are not sales-ready when they convert from a Visitor to a Lead on your website. How do you keep them around until they are ready to buy? Build a relationship with them through email campaigns. Nurture campaigns keep your brand in-mind when your lead is looking to become a customer.

Ask yourself, would you buy from an organization you’ve never heard of? Or know very little about? Probably not. Nurture strategies allows your brand to become familiar, memorable and a credible source of valuable information prospects will want to buy from in the future.

Studies show that nurtured leads are 20% more likely to be closed in the future. 20% of closed business is a big chunk of change for most businesses!


But remember, you need to add value with your emails, not ask for value. Your nurture email campaigns should showcase your expertise, thought leadership, and brand personality in an engaging way that encourages your leads to take the next step.

To learn more about sending effective emails, checkout our email marketing post here.

Defining Lead Nurturing Goals

All lead nurture strategies need to have defined goals. Why? Because without a goal, what would you be trying to nurture your leads to do, and how would you go about accomplishing that? Here are some basic lead nurturing goals:

  • Attend a webinar
  • Download a guide
  • Request a consultation
  • Start a free trial

Now, what content will you use to nurture your leads to meet one of these goals? How will you segment your contact lists to most effectively nurture your leads to achieve the desired goal?

Lead Nurturing Plan

Next is to develop a thoughtful and detailed plan. Be sure to map out your workflows before you start building a nurturing campaign. Basic lead nurturing workflows have 3-4 emails that are triggered by a lead’s site behavior.

Consider these foundational questions:

  • How many emails do you plan to send?
  • What should the time delay be between each email?
  • What is the goal of each email in the workflow?

Be sure to spend some time with your sales and marketing team to define the best way to nurture your leads into becoming closed business.

By sending emails that are timely and built around the lead’s perceived needs, you begin to nurture them down the pipeline. Building a relationship isn’t easy, but it is worthwhile.

If you want to learn more harnessing the power of marketing automation and lead nurturing campaigns, click here and we’ll set up a free consultation to discuss how lead nurturing could be a part of your business growth plan.

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