Five Brands Poised for Success in 2018 Thanks to Creative Marketing

Posted by Brent Gross on Dec 1, 2017 7:00:00 AM
Brent Gross

You should never underestimate the power of online marketing, including learning what your competitors do. A lot of top brands are out there now attempting to win the digital marketing game. Some of them are already in the process of putting out innovative campaigns that are sure to take them over the top.

It pays to learn from these brands and what they're creative marketing teams are doing to make themselves successful. Learning about the competition is the only way to see what's truly working and what isn't.


Some brands are about to take off (or reignite success) thanks to some of their brilliant marketing techniques. Take a look at these five brands to learn from.

1. Be the Match's New Non-Profit Campaign

A non-profit organization called Be the Match focuses on bone marrow donations to save lives, but had a big problem before starting their new marketing plan. They hadn't been able to reach a valuable donor type: Men aged 18-24.

Rather than focus on patients in their online marketing ads, they created marketing for the above demographic.

Through an innovate campaign, they shaped the idea of young men donating bone marrow as an appealing way to give back.

The marketing plan was a huge success this year, leading to a 280% increase in these men giving bone marrow. Plus, Be the Match's site had a 970% increase in visitations.

This poises Be the Match toward major success in the coming year, likely with many non-profits trying the same approach.

2. Ted Baker and Their 360-Degree Online Sitcom

Using storytelling is a major part of online marketing today. One of the best examples is through the Ted Baker brand, including integrating with innovative technology.

They created an online "sitcom" using a fictional Baker Family and featuring the brand's products. Posted on Instagram Stories, the show was also done using 360-degree technology. It allowed viewers to click and buy items seen in each episode.

While Ted Baker is already well-known, it's pushed them to the forefront in innovative marketing for 2018. The campaign's trailer had 1.9 million views and 19,000 likes.

3. Learning From the Women's March Marketing Campaign

To show you the power of social media marketing, there isn't any better example from this year than the Women's March.

It all started from a simple Facebook event page set up by organizer Teresa Shook. After 10,000 people responded, it snowballed from there. Ultimately, Facebook became the sole hub for organizing each local march while promoting the brand on other outlets like Twitter. Awareness of the movement sets them up for even greater things in 2018.

Winning a Webby Award for Best Social Movement, the Women's March campaign gives you a good look at how emotion and purpose go together. Whether related to politics or not, emotion continues to rule in all digital marketing.

4. Creative Marketing by Japanese Brand Shiseido

If you've never heard of makeup and fragrance brand Shiseido from Japan, you probably will in 2018. They took Instagram marketing to a new level by posting three creative photos at a time rather than one. Combining three pictures help create a larger picture that also sent a larger marketing message.

Japan is always creative in their approaches to everything, though you can expect American brands to copy this new trend. Take a look at Shiseido's Instagram page to see how creative this simple idea was.

5. Kellogg's Eggo Teaming With Netflix

We don't hear as much about the Eggo product from Kellogg as we did decades ago. They ably demonstrated how to reinvigorate an aging brand by teaming up with Netflix and their series "Stranger Things."

Product-media crossovers like this are a good way to learn how to team up with other brands to create a symbiotic relationship. Thanks to social media, it's possible to do this, sometimes simply by doing guest blogging or sharing content.

For Kellogg, the team-up with "Stranger Things" led to a rebrand of Eggo and a notable Super Bowl ad last year. With this campaign continuing, expect to see Eggo sales go through the roof in 2018.

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