Best Content Marketing Blogs for Action Oriented Marketers

Posted by Brent Gross on Jan 25, 2016 1:46:00 PM
Brent Gross

If you are like me, you’re always looking for great new ideas to help your clients. There is so much content on the web that sometimes finding the gems can be tough. To jumpstart learning and to keep up on the latest inbound marketing trends, I wanted to share a few of my favorite sites.


Quick Sprout: Great Actionable Content Marketing Tips

Neil Patel offers great tips & tricks that you can incorporate into your marketing campaigns immediately. His posts are splattered with statistics, tools, and techniques that you can pick up quickly and apply to your daily work.

If you are a growth-hacking-experimenter-type of marketer there will be something for you in Neil's great content.


Sitevisibility Podcast: SEO and Optimization Tips On the Go

I’m always looking to squeeze more into my day. For me, the best time for that is during my morning commute. Great marketing podcasts can be hard to find. My favorite morning shot of marketing is the podcast by Sitevisibility.

The show features practical technical approaches and how those translate to business success. It's a nice recipe for keeping me up to speed on the latest trends behind the technology of SEO, organic search and content marketing. Their conversations with industry experts as well as their "whistle stop tours" covering different concepts are great for a train ride in to work.

And you gotta love a British accent. That is just icing on the cake.


Hubspot Blog: Learn From their Campaigns

The HubSpot blog offers lots of content on almost every aspect of content marketing. If you're looking for a tip, you'll find one here. If you want to get value beyond the content itself take a look at how the HubSpot team is using content, social media and email marketing to engage you as a subscriber. Their marketing tactics can give you some great insight to things you might want to try with your own campaigns.


Digiday: Keep Up With the Trends

In the old days we used to keep track of industry trends with some random trade magazines that would somehow show up in our office. If you were a big spender you might even get a subscription to AdWeek. While I still love flipping through an issue of Event Marketing magazine, scrolling through the content on the Digiday website or checking out their email updates is much more efficient.

Why check it out? Digiday is a nice mix of marketing trends, agency trends, and brand trends. If you’re a celebrity watcher, it's kind of like picking up a tabloid at the grocery store. You get the latest headlines fast, and if you really want more you can read the articles.


Search Engine Land: Keeping on Top of SEO

The core to all content marketing is the first conversion.  If you can't attract people to your site forget it.  Hopefully if you've done your job right your website visits from organic search are on the up and up.  If you're struggling to get ranked or you just want to keep up to date on Google's latest algorithms check this valuable blog.


Backlinko: Optimization Tips, and Valuable Know How

This blog is run by Brian Dean, who is a well traveled expert in building site traffic.  On his blog you'll find plenty of great content and a vast supply of ebooks and white papers that will quickly fill your brain with all sorts of interest ideas on things you can try to increase your traffic.

Reading this content will also make you well informed and sound great in front of future clients.  Check it out. 



Until your next Fielday, keep on marketing.


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