4 Evolving Marketing Trends Coming Out of SXSW Interactive

Posted by Brent Gross on Mar 15, 2017 10:35:40 AM
Brent Gross

After a week spent in Austin at SXSW Interactive 2017, we saw some amazing interactions and experiences on display that excited us about the future of digital and content marketing.  Here are 4 evolving trends we took away.  

The Desire to Explore is Alive and Well

Remember when you were younger, dreaming of being an astronaut?  The ability to explore and encounter experiences that the vast majority of people can’t or never will experience is alive and well.  From exclusive experiences at the event, to VR displays that made you feel like you were out of this world, the brands at SXSW showcased the ability to explore new and unique experiences that are limitless. 


Personalization Reaching All Senses

It seems like every year we talk about personalization being a trend, but this year we noticed personalization diving into our other senses and emotions outside of just sight and touch.  We also noticed an influx of marketing via messenger apps in order to provide users an experience tailored to them.  The Quartz app is one great example of a messenger app done well, but look for many more to follow over the next 6 months.  

Limit My Choices, Please

Remember when the beauty of technology was that it gave us limitless choices?  That limitlessness at times can be paralyzing, particularly when being offered up too many options.  With that, we noticed a trend of experiences and apps being introduced that make smart choices for the user.  Software that narrows down choices for users is nothing new, but as tailored messaging continues to become more advanced, these types of Decision Technologies will become more valuable. 

Causes and Purposeful Experiences

Why download this?  Why experience that?  We found ourselves asking these questions repeatedly as we discovered and explored the new and latest from this week.  Some Brands have started to preemptively answer those questions for us.   We noticed Cause Marketing apps that make the world a better place, as well as others that just include an overlay like donating $1 for each day you log into an app.  Look for more app developers over the next 6 months to include a cause overlay.  Also look for Cause Brands to continue to develop innovative ways of raising awareness for a cause you care about! 

Til next time, keep on marketing.

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