Throwing Darts

5 Steps to Optimizing Your E-Commerce Website
You’ve done the hard work. Your marketing material is polished, your social media channels are talking and tweeting, but...
INBOUND15 Conference Take-Ways

Inbound Marketing Trends From INBOUND15

This year’s Inbound marketing conference in Boston demonstrated the power of...

Sweepstakes Landing Pages to Generate Inbound Traffic

Sweepstakes are a tried and true method to generate brand awareness. Using sweepstakes intelligently and designing a great...

Background Check for Your Sweepstakes Prize Winner

When administering sweepstakes, we often have discussions around the need for background checks on the winners, and the...

Sweepstakes Marketing:  The Laws Around Sweepstakes and Contests

When executing a promotion for your brand you'll want to be familiar with some of the basic laws in order to assure program...

Why You Need an AMOE for Your Sweepstakes

In my last post I talked about promotional law and how to avoid an illegal lottery. I briefly touched on why you need an...

Facebook Promotional No-No's

Conducting a Facebook promoition is a great way to grow your audience, and is a universally popular content piece that drives...


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